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Mission to Burundi


  • Start Date:10-03-2020
  • End Date:15-06-2020
  • Start Time:08:00
  • End Time:10:00
  • Location:Burundi


Since inception in 1963, Trinity Fellowship has been involved with the proclamation of the gospel of Christ to all with a special focus on rising generation of young people in schools, colleges and churches.

The Nairobi team of trinity fellowship specializes on Evangelism and Discipleship training. Trinity Fellowship seeks to make disciples and raise disciple makers in schools, colleges and churches. This is done principally through a dynamic teaching ministry that helps to recapture biblical models of life and ministry, help individuals and churches to grow spiritually and to be involved in the task of the Great Commission. The students are helped to develop a strong biblical foundation for life and ministry through small groups’ discipleship programs in mentoring context. For churches, it trains on Personal Discipleship, Discipleship for church Growth. The church in missions, ministry calling and spiritual gifts. The vision of the leader and the Christian home among others. Pastors and key church leaders also come together for a one week of intensive training at the annual school of Discipleship.

Apart from the focus on personal and church growth, Trinity Fellowship views missions as an integral part of Biblical discipleship. The students are both trained and exposed to missions at various levels.

The following report is based on a mission exposure to Congo, Rwanda and Burundi on 14th July to 10th August 2008. The mission was geared towards developing students and youth ministries both in institutions of learning and local churches. The main objective of the mission was training young people on evangelism, Love and sexual purity seminars called True Love Waits (TLW) campaign and leadership.

The initial Plans was to visit four provinces of Burundi with a team of five trinity Fellowship staff, about five KU students and a few TF associates before doing the same in Gisenyi in Rwanda and Goma, Butembo and Beni in DRC Congo.

Some of this changed because only 2 students could raise the amount required, Only One TF associate was available. Towards the conclusion of our plans our Burundi Host church changed their Plans so we had to urgently work out other youth meetings in Bujubura. We could not cancel plans for Burundi because we had almost finalized travel arrangements and we had previously been requested to do some evangelism training with two youth ministries and University.



The mission was aimed at reaching out to the young people in three countries namely, Burundi, Rwanda and DRC Congo. The one month period was then divided according to the number of youth groups we were to meet.

Because of the few changes in plans for Burundi, Mwiti had to travel to Bujumbura three days earlier to finalize details including accommodation and venues of meetings. David and Kimani were not able to travel with Helen and Florence because their passports were not ready.



Our first training was in bujumbura Burundi with Student Discipleship Ministry (SDM) at Eglise Vivante (The Living Church). We started off at 11.00 a.m. those who attended were students from the National University of Burundi and some from the church – Eglise Vivante. The training was on evangelism using evangecube which was followed by witnessing by the same group of people and 15 people got saved.


In the evening of the same day we had another training session on evangecube with Mutanga campus students at a staff residence at Mutanga North estate.



On Sunday we went to fellowship in different churches where we were given opportunities to minister. Later in the afternoon, we had a training session with youth from different denominations in a church called MINEVAM at Kamenge estate. We trained 22 youths mainly college students on evangelizing using Evagecube. We went out witnessing around the church and we were able to reach out to about 86 people in a within 30 minutes and 28 people gave their lives to Jesus. We then encouraged the young people to do follow-up to the people who got saved.



There was no program for the morning session so we went for a walk to Lake Tanganyika and around the city of Bujumbura. In the afternoon we had a seminar at Kanyosha on TLW. 34 young people attended the seminar and 24 signed the commitment cards.



This was the last day of mission in Burundi and our busiest. At 8.00 a.m. We had training on evangecube at Kanyosha. Afterwards we went out witnessing. It was a success. 136 people were reached in 30 minutes and 45 people got saved.

At 1.00 am we had a lunch hour meeting with the University students at Rohero campus. Mr. Mwiti preached and Helen was given a chance to share. Later at 3.00 pm, we had another seminar on TLW with Pioneer Revival and Reconciliation (PRR) youth group at Musaga.

In the evening Alexie and the team invited us for Barbecue. In the process we were discussing the possibility of TF partnering with them.  Mwiti assured them that he is going to look into it and will give a feedback.





After a two day travel from Burundi to Gisenyi Rwanda, we arrived in Gisenyi late in the evening. We had a stop over at Leah’s in Butare. We did not have much to do in Gisenyi. We had fellowship with family that was hosting us and also was given a chance to preach in their church on Friday afternoon and Sunday service.





The seminar was already organized by Olec in several churches; consequently Mr. Mwiti had to leave early on Saturday to go teach on evangecube at Shakinah center in Goma. The turn up was good about 48 young people attended the training. After a period of 45 minutes, 120 people were reached and 34 gave their lives to Christ. The rest of the team joined Mr. Mwiti on Sunday afternoon for a seminar on TLW. Mr. Mwiti facilitated the seminar; Helen did the signing of the commitment cards. 25 young people signed the commitment cards.



We had a program in the afternoon so we spent the morning walking around Goma town. We saw the horrible effect of the volcanic eruption that reduced the town to ashes. We also saw how God spared some places including two churches for his own glory. Later in day we had a training session at Restoration centre. Many young people attended but only about 50 were confident enough to go out for witnessing. The witnessing period was about 30 minutes we managed to reach out to 86 people and 41 people gave their lives to Jesus. dOne young man and his partner le 17 to salvation. It was hard to get him come to bring the report.




The Journey from Goma to Butembo took about 12 hours, we arrived in Butembo late in the night. We took a day’s rest; we then started our first seminar on 31st of July. We were invited to minister to a women’s seminar. Though we were not prepared to handle a ladies seminar the grace of God was sufficient. Each of us was given a chance to share what we have learnt from our mothers; Mr. Mwiti crowned the seminar by preaching on Love and submission from Ephesians 5:21-33. The seminar ended at 2.00 pm. In the afternoon, Olec took us round Butembo town; it was wonderful walking around the town.


We had a seminar at CECA 20 Matanda (Communite Evangelique du Centre Afrique) 20 on TLW. The attendance was good. Pastors of the eight churches represented and their church elders also attedded. We had a big problem with time because all the groups had a singing group and we had to provide time. At first we had communication barriers but it was solved with time. Every one of us had a presentation followed by signing of the cards. Not many of the participants signed the commitment cards despite the large attendance.

In the afternoon we had a question and answer session, it was amazing how the young people had very many questions, we did not have all the answers to their questions but we tried to give the guidelines on how to go about certain situations.



We had training on evangecube at CECA 20 which started at 10.00am and ended at 4.00pm. The attendance was quite encouraging 116 people were trained. After the training people went out for witnessing. Despite the fact that there was a heavy down pour, people still went out and witnessed, about 80 people were reached, and 34 gave their lives to Christ.

We had a two day break in Butembo; we spent the time fellowshipping with various families and also walking around the town.




We made our journey to Beni; on arrival we first made our trip see the Pygmies. We only managed to meet one small village. They were a group being helped to adopt a lifestyle of faming so that they could settle. They were quite hospitable and exited to receive us. They introduced us to the members of the family, took us round the farm they were preparing. It was such a wonderful and a historical experience. We went back to CECA 20 in Beni to make arrangements for the two-day seminar.



The first seminar was with the young people 39 in number. The training was on evangecube. Later the young people went out for witnessing. 85 were reached in a period of 1 hour, 28 people got saved. The young people shared of their experience of witnessing, to some it was the first time they have witnessed. They were also excited and grateful for the cubes which they promised to make use of and not to keep the as decoration. After the training we took a walk around Beni town in company of the young people from the church.



The last seminar held in Beni was in TLW. The turn out was good, 40 young people attended. The young people were really cooperative despite the language barrier. After lunch we had a question and answer session and a talk on leadership. We then had thanks giving followed by a photo session.



The young people have a zeal for God but they lack the fundamental teaching of the Bible which makes them to be susceptible to cults and other religions.

There are several youth groups in various estates, this shows the seriousness and commitment to their Christian lives.

Language proved to be a barrier in all the countries, especially in Burundi we had to get interpreters to interpret in Kirundi. But in Congo we had to struggle and adjust to their Kiswahili which is mixed with French which most of us did not understand.

The Catholic Church is dominant in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo.

Most young people got exited about the cubes and not really the work it is intended to do.

A good number of the youth groups we ministered to were really exited and grateful for the tool which they promised to make use of it constantly.

In Congo there was a disconnection between the church leadership and the young people.

In all the three countries there were few or no Christian ministries that work hand in hand with the young people thus little or no mentoring.


Most young people fall prey of the wrong doctrines.




There is need to establish ministries that will be committed to offer Discipleship as well as work with the young people.

Organize follow-up program at least twice a year.

Train trainers by organizing for a workshop with them, give them resources, responsibility and empower them to do ministry.

Translate the TLW commitment card to French and Kiswahili.

Ensure there is consistency in follow-up.

Seek partnership with other organizations both locally and internationally.



There is need for an urgent follow-up in both Burundi and Congo, tentative period of the first follow-up is between December and January. These nations have a great potential of growth in Ministry. It is therefore important to focus on prayer concerning the young people in these two nations.

A lot of gratitude to Trinity Fellowship and all those who made this mission a success through their contributions and prayer. It is because of you that the mission was a success.





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