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Lenny Karanja Ndiritu


I am Lenny Karanja Ndiritu, a young man and a Kenyan coming from the Central province of Kenya. I am born again and a firm believer in the life-giving power of the Word of God when proclaimed in it’s purity, and in the call to go to the nations by our Lord Jesus Christ and MAKE DISCIPLES. I have been involved in ministry with evangelistic teams as well as the Christian Union of Kenyatta University Main Campus, mainly being involved in the Missions department in the CU. I also had the opportunities to be taken through discipleship, go through the Kairos course and was involved in missions diversely. After Campus I have been involved in student ministry raging from primary school to college and university with African Christian Mission International (ACMI) and Christian Church International Thika (CCIT) which is also my local church. For the best part of my 4 years in this I was directing the International School of Missions (ISOM) which is a program for missions and discipleship training to High School leavers. This has been a precious time of growth and of preparation for more ministry ahead. During my service here, I began perceiving a call to go to Mozambique and trusted God for the same opportunity. I thank God He opened the door and supplied all that was needed for me to do a two months (mid-August through mid-October) survey mission in Mozambique. During these two months I managed to visit different places in the country, keeping alert to know what God desires. I was mainly stationed in Beira for one month and in Mocimboa for slightly less than a month. Beira is the Capital city of Sofala, the central province of Mozambique; Mocimboa on the other hand is a town in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. Prayerfully considering the survey experience I felt the LORD wants me for a longer time in Mozambique and especially in Cabo Delgado but not limited to this, therefore targeting and open to do ministry in any part of the country as God guides and opens opportunity. I am beginning at Beira as I take time to learn Portuguese (at Mocimboa it’s mainly Kiswahili due to Tanzania influence). Thank God am experiencing much grace learning the new language, I believe within at most 3 months once am back in Beira I should be ministering in their language. I am mainly targeting young people and children in discipleship besides other ministry. I envision a lot in the field which from my research findings is very needy and ripe for harvest. Among other things I envision, one is us starting a missions base(s) and being able to receive shot-term as well as long-term missioners soon. Student ministry is one major need, among others being the need for discipleship in the church and evangelism and leadership development all over. I am committed to minister Biblical Truth and with God’s help minister inter-denominationary. In beginning I am doing ministry as an independent missionary but partnering with African Centre for Leadership and Missions (ACLM – website: http://www.aclm.africa) and with the blessing and support of my local church in this ministry. I am required to raise support of all that is needed to have the ministry in Mozambique progress and expand and of this I am very confident in the LORD that He supplies all; so far He has done it and continues to remind me of His faithfulness. I therefore need the partnership and support of all whom the LORD touches and lays the burden for Mozambique in. Be part of this ministry through prayer and financial support, encouragements and even visits to see what God is doing in Mozambique. God bless you.

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