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Omeno Suji


Omeno Suji is one of the founder members of ACLM. Suji has been involved in the work of discipleship for over 35 years. He has also served in various positions of leadership and ministry both at the local church at Parklands Baptist, Mavuno Hill City and is currently providing leadership as pastor at the Lukenya Community Church in Lukenya area. Mr. Suji has served in the boards of many organizations and remains in the board of CBMC-Kenya, Literacy and Evangelism Fellowship – Kenya, among others. Omeno Suji is a development consultant with Beryl Consult Limited. He holds a Master‘s of Arts degree in Development Communication and an undergraduate degree in Education and Business Administration. He is an accomplished researcher and practitioner in the use of participatory approaches in different development contexts in various countries of Africa. Suji has excellent facilitation skills as well as skills in monitoring, documenting and disseminating learning from community programmes targeting governance, food security, resilience, drought and climate change. He is a published expert in the use of participatory impact assessment (PIA) and other participatory methodologies. Mr. Suji understands Africa as he has worked with governments, NGOs and UN agencies in various countries in continent including Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, Niger, Zimbabwe and home country Kenya. Omeno Suji is married to Helen and together they have three children, Sande, Hawi and Ivan.

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